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About Us

Welcome to AL AUSTORA Scientific Bureau, a trusted leader in the realm of healthcare solutions and services in Iraq, with a history rooted in excellence since our establishment in 2006.

Our specialization encompasses pharmaceuticals, dermal cosmetics, and lifestyle supplements, allowing us to cater to a diverse range of health and wellness needs. We take pride in our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and the enduring well-being of our customers.

Over the course of more than a decade, we have forged a legacy of reliability and trust in the healthcare and beauty industry. Our dedicated team of professionals, combined with our passion for delivering cutting-edge products and services, has positioned us as a cornerstone of health and vitality in the Iraqi market.

At AL AUSTORA Scientific Bureau, we are not merely a company; we are a promise to our customers. Our continued dedication and pursuit of excellence remain at the core of everything we do, ensuring a healthier and brighter future for all.

Guided by Purpose, Fueled by Innovation

Our Mission

Al Austora GROUP is a dynamic medical marketing agency and beauty center network committed to excellence. Our mission is to ensure the delivery of premium products and services to our valued customers. We recognize the immense growth, resilience, and potential of the Iraqi market, which is integral to our company's success.

At Al Austora GROUP, we collaborate closely with our partners to meticulously analyze and uncover key opportunities in a market teeming with potential. Our focus extends to a diverse range of healthcare and beauty establishments, including:

  • Specialist Hospitals
  • Ministry of Health
  • GP Clinics (Primary care physicians)
  • Medical Institutes
  • Fertility Clinics
  • Community Pharmacies
  • Beauty Clinics

Our dedication to enhancing the well-being of the community, both medically and aesthetically, drives our unwavering commitment to excellence. Discover how we can elevate your healthcare and beauty experiences through our innovative solutions.

Elevating Through Shared Principles

Our Values

Care and Commitment

Our foremost value is the well-being of the people we serve. We are dedicated to improving lives through our products and services.

Strategic Partnerships

We work closely with our partners to develop consistent business strategies, ensuring market share growth and sustained success.

Customer-Centric Focus

We provide tailored solutions and strive to offer the best possible customer experience, recognizing the uniqueness of each customer.

Innovation and Quality

We are committed to delivering innovative products and maintaining the highest standards of quality in everything we do.

Community and Social Responsibility

We actively engage in community initiatives and uphold our social responsibility to make a positive impact beyond our business.

Team Excellence

We believe in fostering a culture of excellence within our team, encouraging growth, and empowering our employees to reach their full potential.

Our Vision

At Al Austora GROUP, our vision is to bring integrity, accountability, and unwavering passion to the Iraqi market. Grounded in our core values, we foster robust connections with our customers, facilitated by our dedicated teams of professionals throughout Iraq.

We believe that the stability and enduring satisfaction of our employees and customers form the foundation upon which we build upon our past achievements, ensuring a brighter future.


Trusted Collaborations

Building lasting partnerships with industry leaders for mutual growth.


Happy Clients

Countless smiles, one satisfied customer at a time.


Years of Excellence

Years of experience dedicated to serving you with the best.


Diverse Offerings

A wide range of high-quality products and services tailored just for you.

Excellence is Our Specialty

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